Web Site Design - Design of a site that is run by Joomla Content Management System. Your site will reflect the uniqueness of you and your business.Using high quality templates and images I will help you organize and express your ideas to the public via the world wide web.

Web Site Maintenance - Transformation and/or maintaining of Joomla and/or html web sites that have or have not been created by Skillful Sites Web Design.

Web Hosting - Sales of web space where a site may be placed and viewed by the world wide web. May be purchased by the year.

Blogs - Share your thoughts, photos, and more with your friends and business associates with an easy to use online blog.

Articles - Creation of a page where you can log in and write your own article and have people comment on them.

Online Photo Albums - photos, updates, etc. Display, organize and label photos.

Online Registration Forms - Enable your users to register online for different events using interactive PDF forms.

Online Calendars - Coordinate Schedules and Track Events with an online calendar that can be viewed by the day, week, month or year.

Photo Galleries - Post your favorite pictures and images in a variety of different online albums or create a page or site where you can let your family come and see updates.

Slideshows - Combine images and video that are set to music for display on your site using youtube.

Audio/Video - Present your mp3 files or video files to your viewers using Podcast Generator.

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How It All Happens

Skillful Sites develops web sites using high quality Rocket Theme templates. Rocket Theme provides excellent quality Joomla Templates along with multiple extensions that are available to produce maximum functionality. Combining unique ideas to meet individual needs and knowledge of design, Skillful Sites is able to develop high quality web sites that meet the needs and wants of its clients. Call today to discuss your project. 479-531-5318.